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Thanks and Congratulations
- Gary Preston, Chris Anderson, David Parker, Danny Miller, Kim & Sandy Prestwood. -And a special thank you to David McCullers.
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Highridge Farms :: Polled Hereford Cow Herd

The elite group of registered Polled Hereford breeding females that comprise our mature cow herd has been determined through selection based on stringent performance criteria. Maternal performance is a primary trait required to qualify a cow for another year on the team. Growth with correctness and efficiency are imperative in our program. It is important for a cow to give her all in raising her calf. Our cows generally have adequate nutrition; so it is easy to see when a nursing cow is putting that nutrition in the calf or on her own body. It becomes apparent that the thin cow with the big calf that is able to breed back is the cow that will make money.

We are fortunate to have gathered Victor seedstock from some of the finest Polled Hereford breeders. Represented in our herd are females from JMS, Charles E. Smith, White Columns Farm, and Walker Polled Herefords. Our greatest influence has been from the herd of Mr. Pat Wilson of Crooked Lake Ranch in Frostproof, Florida.

Our herd is uniform in size and performance. We only retain cows that will calve annually and within our short calving season. We do not tolerate failure on the part of any animal and will ship any cow that does not meet our expectations. This assures our customers of having only the finest quality animals from which to select.

Victoria 001 202 :: click to enlarge.
HF Victoria 001 202
Sire: JMS Victor 806 001
Dam: JMS Victoria 775 038
AHA Details

Betsy U16 C107 :: click to enlarge.
CES Betsy U16 C107
Sire: DRF CES Victor S19 U16ET
Dam: CES Victoria 629 M36
AHA Details
Victoria 570 :: click to enlarge.
PW 202 Victoria 570
Sire: PW 081 Victor 202
Dam: PW 5P Victoria 365
AHA Details
Victoria 514 :: click to enlarge.
PW 1106 Victoria 514
Sire: RWJ Victor J3 1106
Dam: PW 934 Victoria 389
AHA Details
Ms Edna 672N ET :: click to enlarge.
JWR 100B Ms Edna 672N ET
Sire: OR Dom 549 F243
Dam: HRP Victoria 103T 100B
AHA Details
P221 :: click to enlarge
WCF Victoria R129 L743 P221
Sire: PW 218 Victor 322
Dam: PW U4 Victoria Y11
AHA Details
Victoria 641 :: click to enlarge.
PW 358 Victoria 641
Sire: PW K120 Victor 358
Dam: PW 7754 Victoria 005
AHA Details

Victoria 369 607 :: click to enlarge.

HF Victoria 369 607
Sire: PW K120 Victor 369
Dam: WCF Victoria R129
AHA Details
Victoria 613 :: click to enlarge.
PW 382 Victoria 613
Sire: PW 218 Victor 322
Dam: PW 7016 Victoria 065
AHA Details

PW 254 Victoria 742 :: click to enlarge.
PW 254 Victoria 742
Sire: PW 7024 Victor 254
Dam: PW 5039 Victoria 8068
AHA Details

HF Victria 322 702 :: click to enlarge.
HF Victoria 322 702
Sire: PW 218 Victor 322
Dam: PW 1106 Victoria 514
AHA Details

PW 503 Victoria 849 :: click to enlarge.
PW 503 Victoria 849
Sire: PW F243 Victor 503
Dam: PW 218 Victoria 406
AHA Details

HF Victoria 322 707 :: click to enlarge.
HF Victoria 322 707
Sire: PW 218 Victor 322
Dam: PW 202 Victoria 570
AHA Details
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